The KANSAI HELIOS Group dates back to 1924 and today operates among the top ten coating companies in the European market. Helios is today a part of KANSAI PAINT, one of the world’s leading paint and coatings producers that serve a global customer base. With 14 production sites, 145,000 m2 production area and 30 own local sales forces, the KANSAI HELIOS Group supplies over 15,000 customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.


R&D is very strong and organized in one of the most modern R&D facilities on the international market. Laboratories are fully equipped with advanced technology and know-how is regularly transferred among experts at the highest level. We understand the importance of innovation in all areas of our work and constantly encourage research, education, and expertise to create an innovative working environment where KANSAI HELIOS smart coatings are born.


With our two internal application centers, we are able to host practical demonstrations of different surface treatments from start to finish and trainings for our customers. Whether it is testing our materials, agreeing for further cooperation, ordering materials or customizing the products to meet the needs of more demanding customers, KANSAI HELIOS can provide it all.


The group strictly follows the European and global legislation requiring the introduction of cleaner and environmentally friendly technologies. Our commitment lies in sustainable development, such as minimizing energy consumption and the impact on the environment. Under the initiative »We turn it green« we are focusing on taking responsible actions across our entire value chain. Our goal is to be the best partner to our customers as well as to nature. By providing eco-friendly and effective products, we help customers improve their processes in terms of coating durability and overall process optimization.