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UVEHEL AQUA coatings are UV curing coatings for the most advanced manufacturers of interior furniture. A main advantage is that they are designed for spraying application, which provides a great solution for profiled wooden furniture.

  • Based on high reactive UV curing polyurethane acrylic dispersions.
  • Water is the solvent.
  • Great solution for interior furniture and due to spraying application, for profiled wooden furniture and three-dimensional furniture.
  • The product family consists of UVEHEL AQUA basic lacquers and enamels, universal lacquers, and top lacquers and enamels.

UVEHEL AQUA lacquers (clear coatings)
UVEHEL AQUA enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Possibility of spraying application
  • No emission of organic solvents
  • Time-efficient production procedures
  • Excellent chemical and physical characteristics
  • Easy cleaning of the tools and equipment

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UVEHEL coatings are UV curing coatings for advanced manufacturers of flat interior furniture. A great advantage is that UVEHEL coatings optimize the manufacturing process, as they allow very fast curing using UV drier and optimal material consumption.

  • Based on acrylic binders and acrylic reactive solvents.
  • UVEHEL coatings are most commonly used with roller application on typical industrial lines for treatment of flat furniture, interior doors and parquet.
  • Also other application methods are possible
    (spray, curtain coater or vacumat).
  • The product family consists of UVEHEL putties, basic lacquers and enamels, and universal and top lacquers and enamels.

UVEHEL lacquers (clear coatings)
UVEHEL enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Fast curing and time-efficient production procedures
  • Minimal waste of materials during production
  • Low material consumption for the given surface
  • Excellent chemical and physical characteristics of UV-cured films
  • Low-to-zero emission of solvents (95 -100% solid content)

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HELIOCEL and NITRO coatings are the most cost-effective choice for manufacturers, when there is no need for high physical–chemical resistance.

  • One-component coatings are produced on the basis of nitrocellulose and alkyd binders, solved in organic solvents.
  • Intended to protect wood surfaces, which are not exposed to weather influences or water.

HELIOCEL lacquers (clear coatings)
HELIOCEL enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Super-fast drying
  • Easy preparation
  • Various application possibilities
  • Allow easy cleaning of tools and equipment
  • Allow easy corrections of already lacquered surfaces


HELIODUR coatings are the best choice when high physical–chemical resistance of elements is required.

  • Two-component chemically curing coatings
    (reaction between –OH and –NCO group).
  • High performance of dry film.
  • Provide rich appearance and high-gloss surface.
  • Intended for different kinds of application techniques
    (air, airmix, airless and electrostatic spraying and curtain coating).

HELIODUR lacquers (clear coatings)
HELIODUR enamels (pigmented coatings)

Due to good technical characteristics and simple application, the use of polyurethane coatings has spread beyond industrial lines e.g. in carpentry workshops.


  • Durable furniture surface protection
  • High surface hardness and elasticity
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Easy treatment of different surfaces
  • Possibility of drying at room temperature
  • Possibility of different effects and processing

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HIDROHEL coatings are the optimal choice when requesting an ecologically favorable option for surface treatment of interior furniture.

  • One or two-component water-based coatings based on acrylic dispersion.
  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance of the dried film.
  • Low VOC content (below 70 g/l).
  • Use of water as a diluent.
  • Various application options (spraying, roller application, curtain coating, dipping).

The use of environmentally friendly products like HIDROHEL is growing rapidly due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations to reduce emissions of organic solvents (European VOC Directive).

HIDROHEL lacquers (clear coatings)
HIDROHEL enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Ecologically favorable
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Safe and easy-to-use (no risk of fire or explosion)
  • Allow easy cleaning of the tools and equipment

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