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Innovation meets sustainability – new Impregnant for wood from BIOHEL

BIO IMPREGNOL RESIST 2C is the latest addition to the BIOHEL range. This impregnating agent relies on the power of natural plant substances to provide wood with optimal protection. The use of vegetable oils and natural waxes has created a product that is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, like all BIOHEL products. BIO IMPREGNOL RESIST 2C completely eliminates the use of organic solvents.

The true strength of BIO IMPREGNOL RESIST 2C is revealed when combined with BIO IMPREGNOL accelerator. Together, they provide a protective shield for wooden furniture, tables, counters and cutting boards that sets new standards in terms of naturalness and performance. It is already proving its worth with its remarkable resistance to spills. The matt appearance, pleasantly smooth wax feel and economical application round off the overall picture. With the BIOHEL series, we not only emphasize first-class products, but also comprehensive sustainability.

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Importance of environmentally favorable coatings for children’s furniture

Children´s furniture, especially children´s beds, must meet very specific requirements regarding the coating system. The system not only has to fit the application techniques but also has to meet very high health standards. HIDROHEL wood coatings, produced by KANSAI HELIOS, are an ecologically favorable option for the surface treatment of interior furniture, especially children´s beds, and related furniture. The product line consists of transparent lacquers and pigmented enamels. For elements made of MDF, HIDROHEL provides a specific system, including a pigmented primer and a top enamel. When processing massive beech, HIDROHEL universal coatings are increasingly popular because products of this line can be easily applied.

HIDROHEL in practice at Bambino children´s bed producer

HIDROHEL products are suited for various application methods and meet health and environmental standards. This is also valued by furniture producers, such as Bambino in Serbia. The company is a long-term partner of KANSAI HELIOS and relies on the HIDROHEL coatings range for quality products. At their production plant in Subotica, Serbia, the coatings are applied with the vertical electrostatic spraying method, which is one of the most common application techniques for the coatings of children’s beds. As a result, they offer safe furniture with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

Meeting environmental and health standards

HIDROHEL coatings meet the current European requirements for children’s furniture due to their chemical composition. All products are certified in accordance with the norm EN 71-3, which determines the safety of toys. Moreover, they accord to the DIN 53160 standard, thus they are resistant to sweat and saliva and do not contain any chemicals listed as an SVHC substance in the REACH regulation. HIDROHEL coatings also fulfill chemical requirements for children’s products according to IOS-MAT-0054 (applies to children under 7 years). Furthermore, they have a very low VOC content of 20-70 g/l and can be used in the treatment of children’s beds, which, according to IKEA requirements, must comply with EN 716-1. This standard refers to the general safety of this type of children’s furniture. Other types are certified according to the resistance classes IKEA R4 and R2.

At KANSAI HELIOS our goal is to offer the most optimal and environmentally favorable solution for advanced manufacturers of children’s wooden furniture and toys, and our water-based systems like HIDROHEL fit perfectly as they are eco-friendly and follow European standards for the safe use of furniture and toys by children.


Traditional meeting of woodworkers in Slovenia

The traditional professional meeting of woodworkers, organized annually by the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, Wood Section, took place in Vransko, Slovenia. At the meeting, we presented our products and gained valuable information on the development of new technologies in the construction of wooden buildings, how to successfully do business with customers, and discussed current challenges in the field of management in the industry.

The main factors that have brought wood back to the forefront as a building material are the development of new wood processing technologies and the energy and climate crisis, which have put wood at the forefront of other building materials as a sustainable construction and insulation material. In particular, the development of new technologies in timber construction allows for the construction of modern and sophisticated buildings, which has certain advantages over the classical construction that has been established up to now. Currently, solid wood X-Lam construction is the most advanced construction technology in sustainable construction, which has been growing exponentially in all developed countries of the world for several years. It offers exceptional seismic resistance and high fire safety, high speed and precision of construction, is natural and ecological, giving the user the highest living and working comfort.

This is what we want to ensure – by developing environmentally friendly wood coatings.

Vransko wood event

Water-Based Coatings for the Protection of Wood on Buildings and Surrounding Areas

As manufacturers of wood coatings, we strive to ensure that the production, use and disposal of wood treated with our materials does not have a negative impact on the environment or manufacturers (of furniture, joinery, wooden houses, etc.) or consumers.

Wood is a sustainable material and it is therefore logical to produce sustainable coatings for its protection. These include raw materials of natural origin and from renewable sources, and biodegradable products.

Considering how a coating affects the product life cycle is the first step in using wood coatings, which facilitate a circular economy. A product must be recyclable when it reaches the end of its useful life. Production processes must produce the fewest greenhouse gases possible. The product’s durability, biodegradable raw materials, reduced energy consumption in production, and recycling products and wood coatings, all play an important role in achieving this goal.

Modern joinery is mostly treated with water-based coatings, which ensure easy maintenance and a long service life.


When using wood outdoors, the purpose of the wood coating is primarily to improve the wood’s aesthetic function and UV resistance. The biggest challenge is extending the durability of coatings. Above all, it is essential that the required coating restoration periods are as long, simple and inexpensive as possible.


For this purpose, Helios manufactures the Aquavita range of coatings, which includes all the products needed for the high-quality and aesthetic protection of wooden windows and other wood in the house. All products and systems are tested internally, and by institutes at home and abroad, and comply with SIST EN 335-2, SIST EN599-2, DIN 68800-2, ÖNORM B 3803 and other standards regulating the quality and characteristics of wood protection materials.

Aquavita products fit broadly into two groups, based on their intended use:

  • AQUAVITA protection system for windows and doors: Dimensional stability of the product is needed here, ensured by a suitably thick protective film and, with normal use and correct installation, prevents wood from getting wet and consequently swelling. The Aquavita protection system for windows and doors consists of Impregnations, Intermediate coatings, primer and top coats. The top coat is adapted to be applied in a single spray in a thickness of 300 μm without the risk of dripping.

Protection against UV rays, which cause wood to degrade by decomposing the lignin, and against the coating from peeling, is ensured by selected pigments and UV absorbers. We offer Aquavita impregnant dip&brush for the protection of non-resistant wood types against blue stains. We recommend the use of intermediate coatings to consider the aesthetic appearance of windows when protecting them.

The weak points of window frames are the V-shaped corner joints and front wood. We recommend protecting them with Aquavita coating for end grain wood and Aquavita filler for V-joints, applied after impregnation to protect the window from water intrusion in problematic places, and to extend its service life.

Windows must be maintained to extend the service life of the coating and window. We therefore recommend regularly inspecting your windows. Mechanical damage (hail, blows, scratches) requires immediate repair. For regular maintenance once or twice a year, we recommend using Aquavita Caring milk, which closes the pores on the surface and extends the coating’s service life.

  • AQUAVITA protection system for wood on buildings and the surrounding area:: walls, eaves, fences, garden houses, playground equipment, etc. only require partial dimensional stability. However, protection is very important – the wood must be protected against fungi and insects from all sides, so we recommend applying impregnation by dipping. For this we recommend Aquavita impregnant extra, and for the final protection we recommend Aquavita top coat brush or Aquavita email brush.

The listed materials are applied depending on the intended use using common application methods – dipping, flow coating, with a brush, roller and spraying (air gun or automated dispensing devices or robots).

Home24h project successfully finished

At KANSAI HELIOS Group, we strive for quality surface protection and preservation of the natural beauty of wood, all while paying special attention to sustainability. We are proud to be part of the Home24h project, which represents the Smart Home of the Future for a comfortable and healthy living and working environment, bringing together the development and introduction of products by Slovenian companies intended for smart buildings of the future. We participated with our innovative and environmentally friendly coating systems with highly aesthetic and resilient qualities.

We developed a coating system for heavily used wooden surfaces for interior spaces, water-based UV curing coatings (UVEHEL AQUA), and water- based coatings (HIDROHEL) for lightly used surfaces, distinguished by easy maintenance and reduced dust accumulation. To protect exterior wooden surfaces, we used water-based varnish coating systems (AQUAVITA), which ensure longevity. We also included the oil-based environmentally friendly coating system (BIOHEL) for wooden terraces into the project.

The Home24h interactive catalogue is available on the link: interactive catalogue

Take a look inside the Home of the future on this link:


HIDROHEL lacquers and enamels for an environmentally friendly wood protection

HIDROHEL systems offer the most optimal and environmentally favorable solution for advanced manufacturers of children’s wooden furniture and toys. The water-thinnable systems are children-friendly and follow the European standards for the safe use of furniture and toys by children. As VOC content of these eco-friendly systems is very low, their great benefit is also safer use by workers involved in the application process.


  • Safe for children’s use (European standard EN 71-3 »Safety of toys«)
  • Safe and easy to use for workers in the application process
  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistance (certified IKEA standard IOS MAT 0066 − class R4)
  • Low VOC content (below 70g/L)
  • Allows various application possibilities (spraying, curtain coating, dipping and roller

Together with Bambino company in Serbia, we prepared a new application movie on the efficiency of electrostatic application of HIDROHEL lacquers and enamels, which is at the same time ecologically favourable surface treatment.

The video is available on this link:

Knowledge is key for success

With regularly monitoring the needs and expectations of our customers, we do not only provide the information about technologies and products, but also share our experiences and knowledge in the field of coatings among the people who are in any way connected to the industry.

Helios Ukraine is currently launching communication and partnerships with leading educational institutions. The Department of Technology and Design of Wood Products of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is training young professionals work in furniture production and the woodworking industry.

In October, the initial event took place in the form of an online conference on the trends in industrial wood coatings hosted by Helios Ukraine. Students and teachers as well showed great interest in new materials and technologies and can now use this experience in their scientific and practical work. Soon they will develop into specialists with a good level of theoretical training, but also an understanding of modern materials and knowledge of their use. In the future they will be able to create quality and competitive products.

Helios Ukraine aims to expand the cooperation and conduct practical classes for students to share the extensive knowledge the company’s specialists have acquired over the years.


Quality timber, carefully constructed wooden elements and a proper coating system selection are key for achieving an effective wood protection. Regular maintenance and care of wooden surfaces will ensure that windows, doors and other wooden elements in and around the house will remain intact for many years to come.

The AQUAVITA brand developed by KANSAI HELIOS represents a group of water-based products designed for professional wood protection. All coatings consist of modern components that are resistant to UV rays and other weather conditions. AQUAVITA coatings enrich wood and make it more elegant, at the same time providing preventative protection against wood pests (fungi, insects) and weathering. A wide range of products is available in transparent or opaque versions and can be divided into two categories:

  • Protection of carpentry and joinery products (windows and front doors): These products can be applied with dipping, flow coating, high-pressure spraying equipment, manually or by a robot.
  • Protection of remaining wood in and around the house: walls, fences, garden houses, playground equipment, etc. They can be applied with dipping, flow coating, with a brush, roller, air gun, or using automated dispensing devices or robots.


  • long-term wood protection,
  • easy to apply,
  • odorless and quick-drying,
  • ensure a healthy work environment,
  • do not harm the environment.

Contact us for more information on the recommended product system for your desired surface.

Update your wooden surfaces using Biohel Terrace Oil

Now is the perfect time to refresh exterior wooden surfaces, such as terraces, using Helios’ BIOHEL TERRACE OIL. This product is a mixture of modified vegetable oils suitable for oiling medium-wear wooden terraces from resilient wood types and for surface restoration. The mixture is distinguished by its silky appearance, elasticity and water and dirt resistance.

How to apply

 Wooden surfaces must be well-dried and well-sanded, without any dust or resin. For a long-lasting protection we recommend using biocidal impregnation first. Then use the oil, which must be thoroughly mixed prior to use and must not be thinned.

The optimal working conditions are temperature 20 ± 5 °C, relative air humidity 60 ± 20 % and wood humidity under 15 %. The oil is applied to both sides of the horizontal surface using a cloth, a velour roller or brush.

After 5 minutes, when the oil soaks in, the access oil is removed using a dry cloth. After 24 hours the following coat can be applied. To achieve high-quality protection, it is recommended to apply 2 coats of oil. If you are building a new terrace, keep in mind the last coat should be applied on one side when the terrace is fully mounted. Make sure the oiled surface does not come into contact with moisture (rain, fog, etc.) during drying.

Important after the application process

When you finish oiling clean the tools using Bio Impregnol thinner. The oiled cloth, however, must be burnt or completely immersed into a metal container with water to prevent spontaneous combustion.

To maintain the quality and beauty of wooden surfaces, we recommend repeating the oiling process every year.

Environmental Social Governance – The core direction of the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board

From April 1, the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board has been performing its function. Four executive directors joined their strengths to support the growth strategy of the KANSAI HELIOS Group. A strong focus on environmentally friendly products and processes, employee health and safety, continuous research and development as well as strategic investments represent big steps towards future success on the European market.

In recent years, HELIOS has been intensifying its activities for environmental protection. The company developed and designed solutions, which not only protect objects, but also extend their lifetime significantly. New coatings solutions to reduce the consumption of all types of resources and the products’ carbon footprint have been launched. Raw materials from renewable resources are step by step replacing conventional materials. Energy is generated entirely from renewable sources or produced in our own solar power plants. Production processes are continuously improved to reduce waste and respectively reuse the waste in the production process. A year ago, we launched our internal initiative “We turn it green” to raise awareness of each individual employee, because even the small actions in terms of environmental protection, such as reducing water or paper consumption, contribute to the realization of KANSAI HELIOS’ sustainability goals.

All of these efforts take an even greater importance with the start of the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board in early April. The board is formed by four Executive Directors, who not only embody the further strategic growth course of HELIOS, but also express the closer cooperation and collaboration with both shareholders, KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI.

Mr. Junichi Kajima, President, Executive Director

Mr. Mitsuru Masunaga, Executive Vice President, Executive Director

Mr. Dietmar Jost, Executive Director

Mr. Bastian Krauss, Executive Director

Mitsuru Masunaga, Dietmar Jost and Bastian Krauss will split their focus to strategically important key areas according to their professional background, while Mr. Junichi Kajima, the President, will supervise all areas. The new structure will further improve management efficiency and support KANSAI PAINT’s growth strategy towards a unified global company group. Environmental Social Governance will play an essential role on that journey.

Junichi Kajima has made it his goal to further sharpen KANSAI HELIOS strengths and additionally improve its profitability:

“The KANSAI HELIOS Group has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation in a challenging business environment. This is the result of excellent teamwork and ongoing investments in new technologies, products, and research & development. And these investments, as well as investments in human resources coupled with a safe working environment, will continue. Our responsibility as a chemical company is also to make a valuable contribution to the future of our planet and society. Together with the KANSAI PAINT headquarters in Japan, we are working on joint sustainability projects as part of our ESG management. And in this context, the area of compliance is fundamental, because it is our basic management principle to develop and implement honest and fair corporate activities. My mission is to extend and sustainably expand the company´s success into the future and thus contribute to making the KANSAI PAINT Group a leading global company.”

Mitsuru Masunaga will have a strong focus on upholding and maintaining the company’s reputation and will further strengthen and support the company´s growth strategy through organic and inorganic approaches:

“We live in rapidly changing times where employee values and corporate integrity are constantly being tested. At KANSAI HELIOS, we have defined our core values and a standard of expected business behaviour in our Code of Conduct, which helps our employees make the right decisions. As ethical behaviour is an integral part of our culture, we will continue to put a strong focus on its further development and implementation. How the public perceives us is a key success factor for the further growth of the company, which will be one of my main targets. Leveraging closer cooperation and collaboration with KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI will additionally open up new opportunities and synergies for us and our business partners.”

Dietmar Jost will primarily focus on the further development of the sales strategy in Europe:

“We are striving for long-term partnerships with our customers throughout Europe. A well-educated sales team is essential and sharing our know-how with customers goes one step further. Within the framework of our HELIOS Master Classes, we will further strengthen our training and information program and thus intensify our partnerships. Integrating and exchanging state-of-the-art products and technologies with KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI will continue to enrich our assortment and to create innovations which strengthen HELIOS’ position as a system supplier on the European market. Furthermore, we will continue to promote cross-industry partnerships with the potential to develop solutions that contribute to society.”

Bastian Krauss will work intensively to further upgrade production technologies and safety:

“Technologies in the industrial manufacturing change extremely rapidly in order to deliver products faster and create a more flexible production process. The size of our group allows us to draw on a pool of experience and integrate it into our production processes in line with our growth strategy. Best practice learnings, new technologies and optimized processes are steadily entering all our entities and operational fields. Additional investments will intensify our effort in environmentally friendly activities and developments. In these dynamic processes we will be regularly monitoring the safety and health of all employees by continuing and advancing our occupational zero-accident-policy.”

The company’s intense focus on environmentally friendly processes, a strong cooperation between all KANSAI HELIOS Group members and smart investments in new technologies as well as human resources can only intensify our good results. The new Group Management Board is using their expertise to further develop and improve all sides of business operations, our position on the market as well as our sustainability goals.  |  |