• Excessive amount of lacquer in one coat, application of several coats of lacquer with too little intermediate drying, the lacquer is too thick.
  • The temperature and air circulation rate in the room are high or the evaporation time is too short.
  • Incorrect thinner.
  • Wood/substrate humidity, substrate temperature are too low.
  • The distance between the spray gun and the workpiece is too small, the viscosity is too high due to the low lacquer temperature.


  • Adjust the application, intermediate drying time, viscosity.
  • Follow the instructions for use.
  • Lower the temperature and air velocity in the room, extend the drying time by adjusting the conveyor speed.
  • Increase the moisture of the wood/substrate, pre-temper the substrate.
  • Use the right spraying method, thin the lacquer, increase the lacquer temperature to the prescribed limit.


  • Sand the surface down to the base/substrate.
  • Re-apply the lacquer according to the recommendations.

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