HELIODUR coatings are the best choice when high physical–chemical resistance of elements is required.

  • Two-component chemically curing coatings
    (reaction between –OH and –NCO group).
  • High performance of dry film.
  • Provide rich appearance and high-gloss surface.
  • Intended for different kinds of application techniques
    (air, airmix, airless and electrostatic spraying and curtain coating).

HELIODUR lacquers (clear coatings)
HELIODUR enamels (pigmented coatings)

Due to good technical characteristics and simple application, the use of polyurethane coatings has spread beyond industrial lines e.g. in carpentry workshops.


  • Durable furniture surface protection
  • High surface hardness and elasticity
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Easy treatment of different surfaces
  • Possibility of drying at room temperature
  • Possibility of different effects and processing

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