HIDROHEL coatings are the optimal choice when requesting an ecologically favorable option for surface treatment of interior furniture.

  • One or two-component water-based coatings based on acrylic dispersion.
  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance of the dried film.
  • Low VOC content (below 70 g/l).
  • Use of water as a diluent.
  • Various application options (spraying, roller application, curtain coating, dipping).

The use of environmentally friendly products like HIDROHEL is growing rapidly due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations to reduce emissions of organic solvents (European VOC Directive).

HIDROHEL lacquers (clear coatings)
HIDROHEL enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Ecologically favorable
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Safe and easy-to-use (no risk of fire or explosion)
  • Allow easy cleaning of the tools and equipment

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