UVEHEL AQUA coatings are UV curing coatings for the most advanced manufacturers of interior furniture. A main advantage is that they are designed for spraying application, which provides a great solution for profiled wooden furniture.

  • Based on high reactive UV curing polyurethane acrylic dispersions.
  • Water is the solvent.
  • Great solution for interior furniture and due to spraying application, for profiled wooden furniture and three-dimensional furniture.
  • The product family consists of UVEHEL AQUA basic lacquers and enamels, universal lacquers, and top lacquers and enamels.

UVEHEL AQUA lacquers (clear coatings)
UVEHEL AQUA enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Possibility of spraying application
  • No emission of organic solvents
  • Time-efficient production procedures
  • Excellent chemical and physical characteristics
  • Easy cleaning of the tools and equipment

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