UVEHEL coatings are UV curing coatings for advanced manufacturers of flat interior furniture. A great advantage is that UVEHEL coatings optimize the manufacturing process, as they allow very fast curing using UV drier and optimal material consumption.

  • Based on acrylic binders and acrylic reactive solvents.
  • UVEHEL coatings are most commonly used with roller application on typical industrial lines for treatment of flat furniture, interior doors and parquet.
  • Also other application methods are possible
    (spray, curtain coater or vacumat).
  • The product family consists of UVEHEL putties, basic lacquers and enamels, and universal and top lacquers and enamels.

UVEHEL lacquers (clear coatings)
UVEHEL enamels (pigmented coatings)


  • Fast curing and time-efficient production procedures
  • Minimal waste of materials during production
  • Low material consumption for the given surface
  • Excellent chemical and physical characteristics of UV-cured films
  • Low-to-zero emission of solvents (95 -100% solid content)

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