Importance of environmentally favorable coatings for children’s furniture

Children´s furniture, especially children´s beds, must meet very specific requirements regarding the coating system. The system not only has to fit the application techniques but also has to meet very high health standards. HIDROHEL wood coatings, produced by KANSAI HELIOS, are an ecologically favorable option for the surface treatment of interior furniture, especially children´s beds, and related furniture. The product line consists of transparent lacquers and pigmented enamels. For elements made of MDF, HIDROHEL provides a specific system, including a pigmented primer and a top enamel. When processing massive beech, HIDROHEL universal coatings are increasingly popular because products of this line can be easily applied.

HIDROHEL in practice at Bambino children´s bed producer

HIDROHEL products are suited for various application methods and meet health and environmental standards. This is also valued by furniture producers, such as Bambino in Serbia. The company is a long-term partner of KANSAI HELIOS and relies on the HIDROHEL coatings range for quality products. At their production plant in Subotica, Serbia, the coatings are applied with the vertical electrostatic spraying method, which is one of the most common application techniques for the coatings of children’s beds. As a result, they offer safe furniture with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

Meeting environmental and health standards

HIDROHEL coatings meet the current European requirements for children’s furniture due to their chemical composition. All products are certified in accordance with the norm EN 71-3, which determines the safety of toys. Moreover, they accord to the DIN 53160 standard, thus they are resistant to sweat and saliva and do not contain any chemicals listed as an SVHC substance in the REACH regulation. HIDROHEL coatings also fulfill chemical requirements for children’s products according to IOS-MAT-0054 (applies to children under 7 years). Furthermore, they have a very low VOC content of 20-70 g/l and can be used in the treatment of children’s beds, which, according to IKEA requirements, must comply with EN 716-1. This standard refers to the general safety of this type of children’s furniture. Other types are certified according to the resistance classes IKEA R4 and R2.

At KANSAI HELIOS our goal is to offer the most optimal and environmentally favorable solution for advanced manufacturers of children’s wooden furniture and toys, and our water-based systems like HIDROHEL fit perfectly as they are eco-friendly and follow European standards for the safe use of furniture and toys by children.