HIDROHEL lacquers and enamels for an environmentally friendly wood protection

HIDROHEL systems offer the most optimal and environmentally favorable solution for advanced manufacturers of children’s wooden furniture and toys. The water-thinnable systems are children-friendly and follow the European standards for the safe use of furniture and toys by children. As VOC content of these eco-friendly systems is very low, their great benefit is also safer use by workers involved in the application process.


  • Safe for children’s use (European standard EN 71-3 »Safety of toys«)
  • Safe and easy to use for workers in the application process
  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistance (certified IKEA standard IOS MAT 0066 − class R4)
  • Low VOC content (below 70g/L)
  • Allows various application possibilities (spraying, curtain coating, dipping and roller

Together with Bambino company in Serbia, we prepared a new application movie on the efficiency of electrostatic application of HIDROHEL lacquers and enamels, which is at the same time ecologically favourable surface treatment.

The video is available on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ_G8nkpxYc