Our innovation receives silver regional award

Our “HIDROHEL Waterborne Acrylic Coatings for Sustainable Protection of Wood Furniture” innovation recently received a regional silver award, which is annually awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. This achievement was made possible through close collaboration among our development engineers, technicians, applicators, sales representatives, and the support of the analytics and production teams.

Our water-based coatings represent a new generation of sustainable materials for treating interior wood furniture. The HIDROHEL D-series lacquers and enamels, featuring a high proportion of domestically produced acrylic binder, offer superior protection for interior wood elements while meeting European ecological standards. Consequently, we have successfully introduced these high-added value products in numerous European markets.

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, our innovation addresses the growing demand for environmentally friendly and top-quality coatings to protect interior wood elements. HIDROHEL varnishes and enamels cater to a diverse range of furniture manufacturers in both domestic and foreign markets, seeking innovative and eco-friendly solutions. They are versatile, suitable for various application methods, and even ideal for children’s furniture.