Educating the young

In March we welcomed students of the School of Design – Materials in Ljubljana.

We presented the Helios Group and the wood coatings department. Technologist Igor Oražem explained the main characteristics of individual production facilities and technological equipment during the tour of the production and storage facilities at Helios.

Darko Čevka, the wood coatings instructor at Helios, demonstrated the application technique of various special effects and was satisfied with the students’ response. He commented: “There was a lot of enthusiasm for the application and the production of effects. It was interesting that in the group there were also designers who without hesitation created their own marble effect on the prepared surface, while those who were more interested in carpentry got some new ideas on how to give wood new life.

Many students are already working with wood and wood coatings at home, so they find these kinds of trainings very beneficial, because they get expert advice on the spot, whether about the effects or other furniture treatments with stains, oils and lacquers.