Upcoming fairs

In March and April, Helios Wood Coatings sector will be exhibiting on two fairs; the »Kiev International Furniture Fair (Kiff 2018)« in Ukraine and the »MebelExpo Uzbekistan 2018« in Uzbekistan.

»KIFF« is the most important furniture and interior design fair in Ukraine, covering all segments from modern to classic design. This 4-day fair is attended by thousands of visitors every year.

Furthermore, Uzbekistan is one of those countries where the furniture and wood industries are evolving quickly, because of the vast population. Consequently, the number of visitors of the MebelExpo fair is increasing every year, in 2017 as many as 114 companies from 19 countries attended the fair.

Presence on such events is excellent for promoting the company, networking between manufacturers and furniture, equipment, components and materials sellers, as well as professionals in the field of interior design from all regions. Helios experts for wood coatings will be there to advise you and provide information on innovative solutions in the coating industry.

For more information on both fairs, visit the Kiff 2018 and MebelExpo 2018 websites.