Traditional meeting of woodworkers in Slovenia

The traditional professional meeting of woodworkers, organized annually by the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, Wood Section, took place in Vransko, Slovenia. At the meeting, we presented our products and gained valuable information on the development of new technologies in the construction of wooden buildings, how to successfully do business with customers, and discussed current challenges in the field of management in the industry.

The main factors that have brought wood back to the forefront as a building material are the development of new wood processing technologies and the energy and climate crisis, which have put wood at the forefront of other building materials as a sustainable construction and insulation material. In particular, the development of new technologies in timber construction allows for the construction of modern and sophisticated buildings, which has certain advantages over the classical construction that has been established up to now. Currently, solid wood X-Lam construction is the most advanced construction technology in sustainable construction, which has been growing exponentially in all developed countries of the world for several years. It offers exceptional seismic resistance and high fire safety, high speed and precision of construction, is natural and ecological, giving the user the highest living and working comfort.

This is what we want to ensure – by developing environmentally friendly wood coatings.

Vransko wood event