Update your wooden surfaces using Biohel Terrace Oil

Now is the perfect time to refresh exterior wooden surfaces, such as terraces, using Helios’ BIOHEL TERRACE OIL. This product is a mixture of modified vegetable oils suitable for oiling medium-wear wooden terraces from resilient wood types and for surface restoration. The mixture is distinguished by its silky appearance, elasticity and water and dirt resistance.

How to apply

 Wooden surfaces must be well-dried and well-sanded, without any dust or resin. For a long-lasting protection we recommend using biocidal impregnation first. Then use the oil, which must be thoroughly mixed prior to use and must not be thinned.

The optimal working conditions are temperature 20 ± 5 °C, relative air humidity 60 ± 20 % and wood humidity under 15 %. The oil is applied to both sides of the horizontal surface using a cloth, a velour roller or brush.

After 5 minutes, when the oil soaks in, the access oil is removed using a dry cloth. After 24 hours the following coat can be applied. To achieve high-quality protection, it is recommended to apply 2 coats of oil. If you are building a new terrace, keep in mind the last coat should be applied on one side when the terrace is fully mounted. Make sure the oiled surface does not come into contact with moisture (rain, fog, etc.) during drying.

Important after the application process

When you finish oiling clean the tools using Bio Impregnol thinner. The oiled cloth, however, must be burnt or completely immersed into a metal container with water to prevent spontaneous combustion.

To maintain the quality and beauty of wooden surfaces, we recommend repeating the oiling process every year.