Quality timber, carefully constructed wooden elements and a proper coating system selection are key for achieving an effective wood protection. Regular maintenance and care of wooden surfaces will ensure that windows, doors and other wooden elements in and around the house will remain intact for many years to come.

The AQUAVITA brand developed by KANSAI HELIOS represents a group of water-based products designed for professional wood protection. All coatings consist of modern components that are resistant to UV rays and other weather conditions. AQUAVITA coatings enrich wood and make it more elegant, at the same time providing preventative protection against wood pests (fungi, insects) and weathering. A wide range of products is available in transparent or opaque versions and can be divided into two categories:

  • Protection of carpentry and joinery products (windows and front doors): These products can be applied with dipping, flow coating, high-pressure spraying equipment, manually or by a robot.
  • Protection of remaining wood in and around the house: walls, fences, garden houses, playground equipment, etc. They can be applied with dipping, flow coating, with a brush, roller, air gun, or using automated dispensing devices or robots.


  • long-term wood protection,
  • easy to apply,
  • odorless and quick-drying,
  • ensure a healthy work environment,
  • do not harm the environment.

Contact us for more information on the recommended product system for your desired surface.