Helios RUS Reaches a Milestone in B2B Segment

Helios RUS is proud to announce a new development in the B2B segment — the opening of a retail store fully equipped for providing tinting services. The store is in the Moscow region at Kotelniki, Novoryazanskoe shosse 6s4 and is ready to provide services for color matching and tinting on the spot, using tinting systems for producing smaller quantities of paints for multiple application methods.

The store is a place to share learnings about the latest developments of our research and development department and a meeting point for Helios Wood, Metal and Powder Coating segments. It was established with the goal to improve logistics for partners, optimize the time spent for deliveries through Moscow and order processing.

Technologists and managers at the store are fully trained to provide the best services for their customers as well as consult on technological issues related to application and surface preparation.