Special effects are inspired by the beauty of nature and represent imitations of other substrates, such as stone, sand, soil etc. on a wooden surface. By creating special effects on wood, you can increase the value of your product.

The main purposes of special effect are:

  • Appearance of another substrate (stone, sand, etc) is imitated on wooden surfaces
  • Economic aspect (e.g. the marble effect on a wooden surface is more cost efficient than real marble)
  • Easy application, simple technology
  • Possibility to make special details on furniture (added value)

You can achieve the special effects by special treatment:

  • Special formulations,
  • Special raw materials, additives, solvents,
  • Interaction between different layers and proper order of layers and
  • Special application techniques

The CRACKLY EFFECT is achieved using HELIODUR CRACKLY MIX. This effect is perfect when you want to elevate a simple piece of furniture and make it stand out in any space.

  • Multiple colour combinations
  • The final effect depends on the thickness of HELIODUR CRACKLY MIX and amount of thinner CRACKLY.

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You can create your own chalkbooard at home using the HELIODUR chalkboard enamel. This effect is suitable for use in classes, children rooms and other creativity areas.

  • The finished object is suitable for writing with chalk, your kids will love it
  • Possible in black or green colour

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Patinas are used for achieving special effects on wood and enriching the look of wooden surfaces. The GOLD PATINA EFFECT can be achieved by using the KOMBIHEL patina metallic, which makes the pores and the edges of the furniture gold.

  • Gold is the most precious metal
  • Warm color of antique gold fits perfectly to the natural tones of wood
  • Timeless elegance of the finished product

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The ICE EFFECT can be achieved using KOMBIHEL patina and HIDROHEL lacquer. With this effect you can give the space or element a special and unique appearance. The trendiest colour shade is metallic grey.

  • Reproduction of ice on the surface
  • Customizable color crystallizations
  • Popular in silver/grey colour

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To achieve the MARBLE EFFECT it all comes down to the special application technique. This is a very popular effect to use on table tops or similar furniture as it looks like stone and is a cost effective alternative to real marble.

  • Reproduction of a precious material
  • Customizable high-quality surface
  • Many color and pattern options
  • Special application technique

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The ORANGE FEEL EFFECT is prepared with two different shades of the selected enamel and by using a special application technique for the second coat. For this effect any colour shade can be used, depending on the desired final look.

  • Multiple colour and texture options
  • Application with additive

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EKOHEL PLUS stains to achieve the POSITIVE EFFECT are suitable for staining of coniferous wood; such as spruce, pine, larch etc. Its main purpose is to give a positive staining effect, emphasizing the hardwood, while the softwood remains only slightly stained.

  • Soft colouring of the wooden surface, the texture is emphasized and kept visible.
  • Colour shade selected from the EKOHEL PLUS MIX color card

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The RUST EFFECT is an extremely interesting effect on wood that gives the element a special antique feel. For making the rust effect we need HIDROHEL paste iron or copper and HIDROHEL ACTIVATOR.

  • Different end product depending on the use of iron or copper paste
  • An antique element to compliment an antique styling

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The RAINDROP EFFECT on wood can be achieved with a special shading technique. The effect is possible in numerous colour combinations.

  • Special precise application technique
  • Numerous colour combinations and different sizes of drops

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The SOFT TOUCH EFFECT is perfect for a children’s room or on furniture where you want a soft and cosy surface. The effect is achieved by using a special lacquer, which makes the finished product soft to touch.

  • Possible different colours/combinations
  • Recommended for children furniture
  • This effect enriches the surface with a fine and caressing velvety texture, smooth to the touch

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The SAND EFFECT is achieved by using a special additive and HELIODUR products. The end product has an interesting grainy texture to it, providing a nice visual element to the room.

  • Very good scratch resistance
  • Different types of additives for structure (size, roughness)

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The SILVER FILLER EFFECT is the best choice when you want to embellish a piece of solid wood furniture. The final look is elegant and unique and brings a new texture into the space.

  • In silver colour
  • Fills in the pores and cracks

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